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plaitplait2 noun [countable]  British EnglishDCB a length of something, usually hair, that has been plaited syn braid American Englishin plaits Jenni wore her hair in plaits.
Examples from the Corpus
plaitShe chewed at the spiky end of a plait and kicked at a kitchen chair-leg.A woman with a blond plait was seen getting out of a car with a man near the canal upstream of Sharpness.She has tied her hair in one drooping plait.The rope of her orange-grey plait tumbled on to her shoulder.Melanie started wearing her hair in stiff plaits, in the manner of a squaw.Lynn had a round face with freckles and brown eyes and she wore her fair hair in a thick plait.She was about eleven, with long red hair in two plaits.in plaitsHer hair was no longer confined in plaits, but hung down her back to the base of her spine.She wore her dark hair in plaits about her head.Sarah had her hair in plaits, and Mouse had his in a ponytail.