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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishponytailpo‧ny‧tail /ˈpəʊniteɪl $ ˈpoʊ-/ noun [countable]  DCBhair tied together at the back of your head and falling like a horse’s tail
Examples from the Corpus
ponytailShe had scraped her hair back from her forehead and tied it in a ponytail with a pink ribbon.He is a dandy-looking dude too, with slick black ponytail and, always, a full-length mink coat.But her caramel hair was lighter than Mitchell recalled, and drastically shorter, banded into a cool ponytail.Primo looks at her, at her smile, at the small fountain of hair that is her ponytail.She often showed up late for class, and she chewed gum and tossed her ponytail and whispered and giggled with Servio.It's also intriguing that with her new ponytail Kylie looks more like Neighbours' Charlene than at any time since 1987.His hair was thinning on top but he had a small ponytail at the back.He reaches the ball a step ahead of an agile sprite named Molly, whose ponytail flows behind her baseball cap.