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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrougerouge /ruːʒ/ noun [uncountable] old-fashioned  DCBpink or red powder or cream that women put on their cheeks syn blusherrouge verb [transitive] heavily rouged cheeks
Examples from the Corpus
rougeLouella says ask for rouge, Father.No powder, no rouge, no overwhelming smell of cheap perfume.Their faces were barren of rouge, and most of them were pale and troubled looking.One was young with a cupid face dotted with two splotches of rouge, and long brown hair.He had only the slightest touch of rouge and a little mascara, which made him look healthy.A special carmine stick replaced rouge on the cheeks followed by a dusting of face powder.Her hands shook so much that she smudged the rouge and had to start again.Jack Duckworth won't be forsaking the ale for a drop of vin rouge.