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shampooshampoo2 verb [transitive]  DCBto wash something with shampoo She showered and shampooed her short dark hair.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shampooI searched the town for finer combs, washed all our clothes again and shampooed both of us morning and night.Dolly was sitting in the zinc bath shampooing her hair.During my stay in a remote village in Kangwon Province, watching me shampoo my hair became a spectacle.Carpets that were hoovered every day are now shampooed regularly as well.Clean all over the body before carefully shampooing the head, taking care to avoid the eyes.It then took more than an hour of bathing and shampooing to get Tosh back to his natural ebony colour!So versatile it could shampoo your hair or shampoo your carpet.It's a new conditioner. Simply shampoo your hair, towel dry, and spray it in.shampooed ... hairShe shaved her legs and underarms, and shampooed her hair.