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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshavenshav‧en /ˈʃeɪvən/ adjective  DCBwith all the hair shaved off his shaven head clean-shaven, unshaven
Examples from the Corpus
shavenJames Archer was a tall man in his sixties, white-haired and dean shaven.Fair-haired, he was clean shaven and had a strong face.The second man was about five foot eleven, again clean shaven but younger.His closely shaven face was tense and his usually sensuous mouth set in a grim line.He was a bullet-headed child whose shaven hair showed that he had recently been sent to the cleansing station as verminous.He was chased by white youngsters, some with shaven heads.Clean shaven, his hair was black, as were his thick brows.Even Hauser's face was standard: plump, clean shaven, pink, smooth as a baby's.One was about five foot six, clean shaven with dark hair and in his late twenties.