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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsunburnsun‧burn /ˈsʌnbɜːn $ -bɜːrn/ noun [uncountable]  DCBred and painful skin that you can get from spending too much time in the sun
Examples from the Corpus
sunburnTan slowly, avoid sunburn and use sun filter creams and lotions - lots and often.Many adults skin problems begin with childhood sunburn.They have rubbed me all over with charcoal and lizard-grease to protect me from sunburn.Unexpectedly he suffered from sunburn, and had never used suntan lotion before.Sun, sea, sand, surfing and yes, you've guessed it, sunburn!Much worse is the link between serious sunburn and deadly skin cancer.His only injuries were sunburn, insect bites and chafing caused by spending more than 40 hours in his wetsuit.