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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswarthyswar‧thy /ˈswɔːði $ -ɔːr-/ adjective  DCBDARKsomeone who is swarthy has dark skin a small, swarthy man a swarthy complexion
Examples from the Corpus
swarthyHis face is swarthy and lined.Fen was much taller and broader and his swarthy colouring was not something that had appealed to her hitherto.A swarthy fellow with ringlets was taking a slash at her with a heavy cutlass.Four other men played poker at another table, swarthy, fierce-looking gypsies.Even freshly shaved, he had a coarse, swarthy look that embarrassed the Monsignor.Fearon reappeared holding a towel, his black hair glistening wet and rivulets running down his swarthy skin.Their narrow eyes and high cheekbones, their swarthy skins seem even more foreign in the firelight.It becomes permissible to import toilers with swarthy skins who speak unintelligible languages.