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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtweezerstwee‧zers /ˈtwiːzəz $ -ərz/ noun [plural]  tweezers.jpg DCBa small tool that has two narrow pieces of metal joined at one end, used to pull or move very small objects She was plucking her eyebrows with a pair of tweezers.
Examples from the Corpus
tweezersAbout the only way to eliminate Argulus is to remove the sea horses and pick off the parasites with a tweezers.Literally on hands and knees, his men crawled over every inch of the designated area, with plastic bags and tweezers.They can also be attached to, or incorporated with other chemicals or molecules to create useful manipulating structures such as tweezers.a pair of tweezersPlace the exposed board into the tray of developer using plastic tweezers or tongs and agitate the board gently.You may need to use tweezers to pick up the pieces and position them on your egg.Remove enough petals very gently and carefully then, using tweezers, remove all the male filaments with their pollen-bearing tips.The stitching is done holding the needles with tweezers with the surgeons wearing special operating glasses.An hour passed while he ordered pages and laid damp stamps on blotting paper with tweezers.pair of tweezersA pair of tweezers is also useful for pulling out splinters.