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washwash2 ●●○ noun  1 act of cleaning [countable usually singular]DHCWASH an act of cleaning something using soap and water Those jeans need a good wash (=a thorough wash). I’ll just have a quick wash before we go out.2 clothesDHCWASH [singular, uncountable] clothes that are to be washed, are being washed, or have just been washed You’d better put that shirt in the wash. Do you need me to put another wash on?3 skin [countable]DCB a liquid used to clean your skin an anti-bacterial facial wash4 the wash5 colour [countable]DCB a very thin transparent layer of paint or colour6 the wash7 it will all come out in the wash
Examples from the Corpus
washThe floor needs a wash.I painted such areas first and then worked around and/or over with diluted washes.an anti-bacterial face washHe looks as if he could do with a good wash.Water would shoot down the mountainsides and down the washes at 10-20 times the volume of a typical storm.It is built up in very thin washes.have ... washI had driven to Gondal, the nearest town, to make phone calls and have a wash.I have to wash your hair.Here, the continuing water diuresis may have washed out the medullary concentration gradient and led to a protracted concentrating defect.Sitting in a belt of farms, the community does not have pristine desert washes, said Cynthia Seelhammer, town manager.I should have washed before I put my dress on, you know.They have washed up on a shingle strand beside a lonely and barely habitable estancia.The events of the year seemed to have washed over them and left them unaltered.The tight smell of men who have not washed their bodies or known clean clothes.