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wavewave2 ●●● S3 W3 verb  1 wave.jpg hand [intransitive, transitive]SIGN/GESTURE to raise your arm and move your hand from side to side in order to make someone notice youwave to/at She turned to wave to the approaching soldiers. Enid waved at us and we waved back.wave (somebody) goodbye (=say goodbye to someone by waving to them) The nurses came out to wave Grandad goodbye.2 move [intransitive, transitive]MOVE something OR somebody if you wave something, or if it waves, it moves from side to side The starter waved a green flag to indicate that the race would begin. a tree waving in the breeze He waved a hand in the air to attract her attention.wave something under/at etc somebody/something Trudie waved a $50 bill under his nose.wave something around/about The stranger spoke rapidly, waving his arms around.3 signal [transitive always + adverb/preposition]SIGN/GESTURE to show someone which way to go by waving your hand in that directionwave somebody through/on/away etc The border guards waved us through. Peter waved them back to their seats.4 wave something goodbye/wave goodbye to something5 wave a magic wand6 hair [intransitive, transitive]DCB if hair waves, or if it is waved, it forms loose curls wave something ↔ aside wave somebody/something ↔ down wave somebody off→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
waveThe Patrician waved a hand again.She continued to wave as the car drove out of sight.Who's that waving at you?When he waved down a taxi, he saw that her hand ferreted in her bag.Yolanda waved for us to come over.Nelson was waving from the upstairs window.Her parents stood in the doorway and waved goodbye."Get out of here!" he shouted, waving his gun.A Confederate flag waves in the breeze and a Rottweiler named Cocoa Puff stands guard on the front porch.The flag waved proudly in the breeze.We turned one last time to wave to Mr Bunea and Maria.The emperor waved to the crowd from the palace balcony.She waved to the young man and called out something which he could not catch.The guard at the desk waves us through.The customs officer at the border waved us through.Nanny held Artemis aside and told her to wave, which she did.wave (somebody) goodbyeBeeby came to the door of Lloyd's house and waved us goodbye.Standing on the battlements waving the galley goodbye, Elizabeth looked down - down the wall, and then down again.All day he sees himself in the glass darkly and waves goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.Andy is waving goodbye, Goodbye Goodbye.As I waved her goodbye I was aware that the wheel had now turned full circle.An hour later she had ordered a taxi and Paige had waved her goodbye in some bemusement.He waved a general goodbye, said his thanks, and left.I'd kiss your cheek and you'd wave me goodbye through the window.waved ... in the airLabour fingers jabbed at the Liberal Democrats, while Tory order papers were waved in the air.