Afro aftershave anti-perspirant astringent(a) astringent(n) atomizer auburn backcomb bald balding balm barber barbershop barrette bath bathe beard beautician beautify beauty beauty contest beauty mark beauty parlor beauty queen beauty salon bikini line blackhead blond blonde(a) blonde(n) blow-dry blusher bob(v) bob(n) body body spray brilliantine Brylcreem bubble bath bun buzzcut cleanser coiffure cold cream collagen cologne comb(n) comb(v) compact complexion condition conditioner cornrows cosmetic cosmetics cosmetic surgery cotton bud cotton wool cream dental floss deodorant depilatory dimple double chin downy eau de cologne electrolysis emery board essential oil eyebrow pencil eyeliner eye shadow face cream facelift face pack face powder facial facial scrub false teeth flannel flattop foam foundation fragrance fringe gel grey(a) grey(v) grip hair hairbrush haircut hairdo hairdresser hairdryer hairgrip hairline hairnet hairpiece hairpin hair slide hairspray hairstyle health farm henna highlight hirsute hydrogen peroxide kinky knot kohl lacquer(n) lacquer(v) lank lanolin lather layer liner lip gloss liposuction lipstick loofah lotion lowlights made-up make-up manicure manicured mascara medicated milky moisturize moisturizer mousse moustache moustachioed mousy mouthwash mudbath mudpack musk mustachioed mutton chop whiskers myrrh nailbrush nail file nail polish nail scissors nit nose job oil ointment olive paint part(n) part(v) parting pate pedicure perfume(n) perfume(v) perfumery perm(n) perm(v) permanent permanent wave peroxide pigtail plait pomade ponytail powder powder puff preen primp pumice quiff raven razor recede red redhead rhinoplasty roll-on rosewater rouge scent shampoo(n) shampoo(v) shave(v) shave(n) shaven shaver shaving brush shaving cream short back and sides shower cap shower gel sideburns skincare slide soap spa spiky split ends spray stringy stylist sunbed sunblock sunburn sun cream sunglasses sunlamp sunscreen sunshade suntan suntan lotion sun-worshipper swarthy swept-back talc talcum powder tease tester toilet bag toiletries toilet water tone toner tooth toothbrush toothpaste toothpick tooth powder tweezers vanity case Vaseline war paint wash wave(n) wave(v) wavy wax wear wetting solution whisker wig wrinkle

Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: biauté, from bel, biau 'beautiful', from Latin bellus 'pretty'


beau‧ty S3 W2 plural beauties


[uncountable] a quality that people, places, or things have that makes them very attractive to look at:
her beauty and grace
an area of outstanding natural beauty
Millions of dollars are spent each year on beauty products.


[countable] a woman who is very beautiful:
She was considered a great beauty in her youth.

poem/music/emotion etc

[uncountable] a quality that something such as a poem, song, emotion etc has, which gives you pleasure or joy
beauty of
the beauty of Shakespeare's verse


the beauty of something

a particularly good quality that makes something especially suitable or useful:
The beauty of e-mail is its speed and ease of use.
5 [countable] spoken a very good, large etc example of something:
You should have seen the boat - a real beauty.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

used to say that different people have different opinions about what is beautiful

beauty is only skin-deep

used to say that how someone looks is not as important as a good character