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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtheoreticallytheo‧ret‧i‧cally /θɪəˈretɪkli $ ˌθiːə-/ ●○○ AWL adverb [sentence adverb]  1 SHOULD/OUGHT TOused to say what is supposed to be true in a particular situation, especially when the opposite is true opp in practice Theoretically, Damian’s the boss, but I coordinate the team on a day-to-day basis.2 HIDEAaccording to a scientific idea that has not been proven to be true in a practical way syn hypothetically It is theoretically possible for computers to be programmed to think like humans.
Examples from the Corpus
theoreticallyBut apart from these largely empirical objections, the argument is flawed theoretically.One way to answer this question is to consider it theoretically.Though family planning services are theoretically available to them, they are not even contemplated at such an early age.Furthermore, the investments necessary to make an airline work could, theoretically, drag Virgin to bankruptcy.Although satellite dishes for television are theoretically illegal, the Damascus skyline reveals them on almost every rooftop.It is theoretically possible that this activity could trigger an eruption, but highly unlikely, he said.It is theoretically possible to identify a person from just one tooth if the tooth is unusual.Well, yes, theoretically, says the Home Office.Theoretically, the department exists to help people, but it often seems otherwise.And, theoretically, they could see their role and benefit in making that happen.