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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishashramash‧ram /ˈæʃrəm/ noun [countable]  RRHa place where Hindus live together, away from other people
Examples from the Corpus
ashramThe village and ashram had no running water, electricity, fans, radio, or telephone.Now Gandhi sat in his ashram.I sleep each night on a temple ashram floor, or with the family of the village headman.The week I spent in the ashram this energy and passion were driving Gandhi toward another campaign of civil disobedience.The wealthy Bombay and Ahmedabad magnates thereupon withdrew their financial support of the ashram.Still the women of the ashram refused to work in the kitchen with the untouchable woman.Shukla followed him everywhere and finally came to the ashram.Over the years, many thousands of high-caste Hindus felt honored to come to the ashram to talk and eat with Gandhi.