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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishBrahmanBrah‧man /ˈbrɑːmən/ (also Brahmin /ˈbrɑːmɪn/) noun [countable]  RRHsomeone of the highest rank in the Hindu faith
Examples from the Corpus
BrahmanThere he met his future wife, Idayu Njoman Rai, said to belong to a Brahman family.It can pass its calm temperament to its offspring when crossed with the more excitable Africander and Brahman.A greedy Brahman might be reborn in the merchant class whereas a spiritual trader could return as a Brahman.Veneration of the images is therefore for the devout Hindu worship of Brahman.Only the island of Bali preserved, alongside its own traditions, the Brahman heritage of those ancient times.Pantheism is also present in Buddhism, with Brahman being the life-force.