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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgurugu‧ru /ˈɡʊruː/ noun [countable]  1 informalADVISE someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, and gives advice to other people a management guru a fashion guru2 RRHa Hindu religious teacher or leader
Examples from the Corpus
guruIn walks a skinny, intense, angry little guy, obviously the boss guru.More often, we opted for the quick fix or the solution offered by the management guru of the month.Peter Drucker, the management guru, has just published a new book.a nutrition guruBut a quasi guru, given he refused to accept any such role.Twenty-five years ago he was enthroned as the guru of the avant-garde; today he is isolated, some would say megalomaniac.Could it be that the guru of the environmental left had been wrong?It soon became apparent that Colin was the guru of the whole department.The guru or the spiritual director will have to tell the novice when he has reached the limits of his ability.Years ago in Manchester, my husband was taught to meditate by a Yiddishe guru in Didsbury.