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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalliedal‧lied /ˈælaɪd, əˈlaɪd/ ●○○ adjective  1 SHPM usually Allied [only before noun] belonging or relating to the countries that fought with Britain, the US etc in the First or Second World War an Allied bombing raid Allied forces2 (be) allied to/with something3 allied industries/organizations/trades etc4 UNITEjoined by the same political, military, or economic aims loosely allied guerilla groups
Examples from the Corpus
alliedThe road itself had become a colony of residents specializing in theatrical and allied activities.The country earned Western criticism for failing to participate actively in the allied campaign in the Gulf.So far, allied casualties have been astonishingly light; in a land war they will soon multiply.Estimated total forces in Gulf at end-January Total allied forces 705,000.In effect the allied general becomes a subordinate character in the same way as other heroes.Information was shared between the allied governments.So this is the first news bulletin to allocate a regular slot for science and allied matters.To these issues must be added the allied questions of selection and appraisal.The allied strategy further demonstrates this.