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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforumfor‧um /ˈfɔːrəm/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 MEETan organization, meeting, TV programme etc where people have a chance to publicly discuss an important subjectforum for The journal aims to provide a forum for discussion and debate.forum on the new national forum on the environment2 a group of computer users who are interested in a particular subject and discuss it using email or the Internet3 SHa large outdoor public place in ancient Rome used for business and discussion
Examples from the Corpus
forumThe association began as a forum for sharing ideas about management problems.By focusing on major issues that loom ahead, they create a forum for anticipatory thinking.I want a forum to address the most serious problem facing the people of this state.A forum, or bulletin board, is a place where people can trade questions and answers.He has put forth his criticisms on paper, on the Internet, at community forums and during council meetings.Agreeing such aims will not be easy in any international forum.Fans may get chance to discuss the Seasiders' ambitions as chairman Geoffrey Richmond is considering holding a public forum next week.To complain individually is not as successful as to complain within a unified forum.forum forThe United Nations should be a forum for solving international problems.