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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishVictorianVic‧to‧ri‧an1 /vɪkˈtɔːriən/ adjective  1 SHrelating to or coming from the period from 1837–1901 when Victoria was Queen of England a big Victorian house2 STRICTmorally strict in a way that was typical in the time of Queen Victoria Victorian values
Examples from the Corpus
VictorianVictorian architectureIt may be a Victorian attitude, but we live off income, not capital.Although the old Victorian building with its spine of hutted wards was a vaguely familiar place, it was by no means home.The same story of crumbling Victorian buildings, tunnels, pipes and walls is being repeated in all Britain's major cities.Costing about £150,000, the exhibition traces the development of trams in towns and cities throughout Britain from the Victorian era.Its old courthouse, streets lined with Victorian homes and town square scream heartland.The flapper rebelled not only against Victorian manners and morality but against the body that went with it.Built in 1872, the Victorian prison has had its fair share of history.After that scene there is little else that needs to be said about the strictures on Victorian women.