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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblazeblaze1 /bleΙͺz/ ●○○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 fire a) [countable usually singular] a big dangerous fire – used especially in news reports β†’ ablaze πŸ”Š It took almost 100 firemen to bring the blaze under control.fight/tackle/control a blaze πŸ”Š Helicopters were used to help fight the blaze.house/factory/barn etc blaze πŸ”Š a huge chemical factory blaze b) [singular]FIRE a fire burning with strong bright flames πŸ”Š I lit the fire and soon had a cheerful blaze going.β–Ί see thesaurus at fire2 light/colour [singular]CCLIGHT very bright light or colour β†’ ablazeblaze of πŸ”Š the blaze of light from the security lamps πŸ”Š The garden is a blaze of colour at this time of year.3 β†’ blaze of publicity/glory4 EMOTIONAL[singular] a sudden show of very strong emotion πŸ”Š A blaze of anger flashed across his face.5 β†’ what the blazes/who the blazes etc6 β†’ like blazes7 MARK[countable usually singular]DSHMARK a white mark, especially one down the front of a horse’s faceCOLLOCATIONSverbsfight a blazeNearly 80 firefighters fought the blaze for three hours on Sunday.tackle a blaze British English (=fight it)Fire crews were called out to tackle a blaze at a house near York.control a blazeIt took more than an hour to control the blaze at the hotel.bring a blaze under controlFor more than four hours they battled to bring the blaze under control.put out/extinguish a blazeStaff managed to put out the blaze before firemen arrived.a blaze breaks out (also a blaze starts)The blaze broke out on the third floor of the building.a blaze spreadsThe blaze quickly spread to a neighbouring house.NOUN + blazea house/factory/car etc blaze (=a burning house/factory/car etc)Three people were badly hurt in a house blaze.
Examples from the Corpus
blazeβ€’ It looked like a blaze photographed with a filter that transformed everything into shades of the same colour.β€’ a cheerful blaze in the fireplaceβ€’ House fire: Firefighters were called to a house blaze in Sedgefield in the early hours of Saturday morning.β€’ Six fire fighters were injured battling the blaze.β€’ Firefighters struggled to control the blaze.β€’ The rabbit stopped, caught in the blaze of the car's headlights.β€’ The church was completely destroyed in the blaze.β€’ Officials are still looking for whoever started the blaze.β€’ Just like Windsor, the blaze happened during restoration work.fight/tackle/control a blazeβ€’ Putting Labour in charge of reducing unemployment would be like sending a fire fighter to tackle a blaze with his hoses full of petrol.blaze ofβ€’ In the fall, the trees are a blaze of color.β€’ Six passengers were killed in a blaze of automatic gunfire.β€’ a blaze of sunshine