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bridlebridle2 verb  1 [intransitive] writtenANGRY to become angry and offended about somethingbridle at The senator bridled at the reporter’s question.2 [transitive]DSH to put a bridle on a horse→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bridleAfter three weeks she was still too nervous to groom, too impossible to bridle.The horses had been bridled and yoked to the car.We live in a knowledge-based economy, in which educated workers bridle at commands and demand autonomy.Wasn't Puffy worried that the star sensibilities in the audience might bridle at his parade of skins?Instead they bridled, told employers to stuff their jobs and walked out, cursing themselves.Five horses, saddled and bridled, were tied by the reins to branches of trees.The horse looked at him tranquilly, neither startled nor afraid, and suffered himself to be bridled without the least trouble.bridle atThe coach bridled at suggestions that he'd made mistakes in the last game.