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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdressagedres‧sage /ˈdresɑːʒ $ drəˈsɑːʒ/ noun [uncountable]  DSHa competition in which a horse performs a complicated series of movements in answer to signals from its rider
Examples from the Corpus
dressageYou will need to be able to complete a dressage test calmly and obediently if you want to event.Such horses are hopeless at dressage, because they always decide what we should do before we ask them.Competition dressage was for other people - the newly rich and their daughters.In dressage, the event is much more elegant, with horses and riders performing in silence trying to complete predetermined moves.When Bubbles isn't being a mini dressage horse, she is busy as a driving pony.Manifesto the dressage horse had this problem.The dressage, all discipline and control.However, hand on heart, even if you are a top dressage rider, can you really justify the fancy dress?