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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequestriane‧ques‧tri‧an /ɪˈkwestriən/ adjective  DSHrelating to horse-riding equestrian sports
Examples from the Corpus
equestrianA campground, picnic tables, an equestrian center and a youth camp are among developments being talked about for the property.Last spring, the international equestrian community was concerned over likely quarantine restrictions of their horses.equestrian eventsFulfilling Expectations Fortunately most equestrian expectations can now be fulfilled.Collections in just about every price bracket offered interpretations of the equestrian or dandy themes.Clearly, before about 1880, Degas rendered all the fast equestrian positions in the already outmoded traditional way.Giambologna's equestrian statue of Cosimo I has been cleaned under the auspices of the Pegasus consortium.Do these really mar our understanding of informative articles, aiming to make us wiser on equestrian subjects?The floral extravaganza featured 55 floats, 30 equestrian units and 24 marching bands.