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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequineeq‧uine /ˈekwaɪn, ˈiː-/ adjective  DSHrelating to horses, or looking like a horse
Examples from the Corpus
equineHer face, which had always been long, was now positively equine.All winners for 1995, equine and human, were unanimous choices.Then a bad windstorm removed his head and a Styrofoam replacement was added to create an equine beast.Today's traffic is fast and unforgiving of equine errors and terrors.A particularly apt image, since Master James's hotter moments increased the equine nature of his features.They looked like equine stock, but they were half as big again as any horse that Rostov had ever encountered.The treatment of tendon injuries in competition horses is much argued about amongst horse owners and equine veterinary surgeons.But Dan Crawley's adopted niece clearly shared Henry's faith in the equine world.