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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevense‧vens /ˈiːvənz/ noun [uncountable] British English technical 🔊 🔊 DSHwhen there is an equal chance that an animal or person will win or lose a race, and the money that someone can win by betting on the race is the same as the amount they riskevens adjective 🔊 the evens favourite
Examples from the Corpus
evensIncidentally the odds on the hunted fox being killed are about evens.The element R which made recombination possible has an evens chance of emerging attached to a perfect message.Peter Chapple-Hyam's colt was virtually unopposed in the market, shortening up to 4-6 favourite after opening at evens.But most everything evens out during the summer drought.William Hill quote Scudamore at the seemingly generous price of evens to reach 200 again this time.