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gallopgallop2 noun  1 a) [singular]DSH the movement of a horse at its fastest speed, when all four feet leave the ground togethercanter, trot The horses broke into a gallop (=begin to go very fast).at a/full gallop Mounted police charged at full gallop. b) [countable]DSH a ride on a horse when it is galloping2 DSH[singular] a very fast speedat a/full gallop The project began at full gallop.
Examples from the Corpus
gallopThey saw him and kicked their horses forward so Sharpe turned his tired mare northwards, and spurred her into a gallop.Over the holidays, the creep turned into a gallop.Always trying to get me up early for gallops through the morning mist.Docklands Express pleased connections in a racecourse gallop at Newbury recently.All the fears and stresses of these last weeks deserted her on that gallop.He even broke down one horse in an effort to understand the gallop which had constantly eluded him.The promising centre touched down after an 80-yard gallop.broke into a gallopWhen the group got closer, they broke into a gallop and charged the small party.at a/full gallopGenerals Johnston and Beauregard were seen approaching at a gallop.To his left, along the drive, he saw the grey-haired minister from Weem arriving at a gallop.Russell mounted his horse, rode off, and rode back at full gallop toward the trailer.The institutional investors that charged into junk bonds in the 1980s have now headed off at a gallop in the opposite direction.The first horseman rode at a gallop.