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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgirthgirth /ɡɜːθ $ ɡɜːrθ/ noun [countable]  1 TMthe size of something or someone large when you measure around them rather than measuring their height the enormous girth of the tree He was a tall man, of considerable girth (=he was fat).2 DSHa band of leather which is passed tightly around the middle of a horse to keep a saddle or load firmly in position
Examples from the Corpus
girthThe personal best pike measured a massive 45 inches with a girth of 24 inches and was returned alive.Neither are they worried by sizing that implies the clothes might belong to men of more ample girth.Tallboy was confronted by a very tall man of considerable girth who looked like a retired all-in wrestler.the enormous girth of a redwood tree's trunkShe was about sixteen the first time, closer to twenty the next, and the years had not reduced her girth.His yellow hair flopped into his blue eyes as he did up her girths for her.The bass measured 30 inches long and had a 25-inch girth.It was as if he had more substance to him, like spiritual girth.She is a woman of substantial girth.I was to behave like a kind of white-skinned rani to whom such things as tightening girths and punishing dromedaries were unthinkable.