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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh-spiritedˌhigh-ˈspirited adjective  1 ENERGETICsomeone who is high-spirited has a lot of energy and enjoys fun and adventure2 DSHHBAa high-spirited horse is nervous and hard to control
Examples from the Corpus
high-spiritedThe naturally high-spirited and friendly child was becoming nervous and irritable.Surely love had to be something more generous than this high-spirited egotism-à-deux?Known for its high-spirited festivals and the local weaving trade, this lively resort has many restaurants and street stalls.This was followed by a high-spirited flight to Florida.At midnight, too, some high-spirited folk take part in all sorts of capers.Modigliani appreciated Kisling for what he was, a sweet-natured, high-spirited, sensual young man.A discordant and high-spirited version of an old tune rang out into the evening air.Sophie's a high-spirited young girl.