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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjodhpursjodh‧purs /ˈdʒɒdpəz $ ˈdʒɑːdpərz/ noun [plural]  DCCDSHa special type of trousers that you wear when riding horses
Examples from the Corpus
jodhpursThe jacket's cord trim is complemented by the cord jodhpurs.He was still in his riding clothes, well-cut jodhpurs and an old tweed jacket.Joseph Schumpeter was downright eccentric, showing up for classes dressed in jodhpurs and carrying a riding crop.He was dressed in jodhpurs of field grey, and polished boots.He was in riding boots and a pair of immaculate white jodhpurs.He met us in the hacienda courtyard dressed in white shirt, white jodhpurs and black riding boots.He was six feet two, kept fit by riding daily in Central Park, and always wore jodhpurs to work.Jenny, the tomboy, still felt awkward wearing a dress, and so she wore jodhpurs most of the time.