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jumpjump2 ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 upJUMP an act of pushing yourself suddenly up into the air using your legs syn leap the best jump of the competition a dancer famous for his impressive jumps2 downJUMP an act of letting yourself drop from a place that is above the grounddo/make a jump Douglas made his first 10,000-foot parachute jump yesterday.3 increaseINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT a sudden large increase in an amount or valuejump in a jump in inflation rates4 progress especially British EnglishCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT a large or sudden change, especially one that improves things The new law is a great jump forward for human rights.5 with a jump6 keep/stay etc a jump ahead (of somebody)7 something you jump overDSHDS a fence, gate, or wall that a person or horse has to jump over in a race or competition Her horse cleared all the jumps in the first round.8 get a jump on somebody/something high jump, long jump, ski jump, triple jump, → take a running jump at running2(8)
Examples from the Corpus
jumpAziz won the event with a jump of 2 metres.That was his best jump of the competition.Was it Carl Lewis falling prostrate after his gold medal long jump?a parachute jumpOr, as the Palace will no doubt be recommending to the duchess in due course ... take a running jump.Her eyes were rimmed with the price of traversing oceans, the jump of time zones.By then, their jump is reasonably established, so you can see what you are buying!do/make a jumpIf the plaintiffs do jump that second hurdle, another will stand in their way.She made a jump for the gun.jump forwardThis White Paper is another jump forward.Now take some big jumps forward.Steven put his foot harder on the accelerator than he'd meant to, and the car jumped forward.I jumped forward and shouted and waved.