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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishracecourserace‧course /ˈreɪs-kɔːs $ -kɔːrs/ noun [countable]  British EnglishDSH a grass track on which horses race syn racetrack American English
Examples from the Corpus
racecourseIf Kelly's fall had happened on a racecourse, she would have been sidelined as a matter of course.There have been racecourse stations, such as Newbury Racecourse and Aintree.There is no cutting-off in Degas's earliest pictures of racecourse scenes.Transport had been arranged to and from the racecourse.We wish him a swift recovery and look forward to his return to the racecourse.Look, you can just make out their bypasses and their parks, their racecourses and their research establishments.This is followed closely by discounted admission to racecourses and greyhound tracks.You'd rather have a day out at York racecourse than at Headingley if truth were known, wouldn't you?