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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreinrein1 /reɪn/ noun  1 DSH[countable usually plural] a long narrow band of leather that is fastened around a horse’s head in order to control itbridle2 give (full/free) rein to something3 give somebody (a) free rein4 keep a tight rein on somebody/something5 take/hand over the reins
Examples from the Corpus
reinDespite bad moods and worse manners, the car could always be tamed by appreciation, patience and just enough rein.And the mare, as if finally understanding, begins to strain, tosses her head wildly, pulls at the reins.He dragged on the reins and drew the buggy around, flaying the horse with his whip.The ponies were growing restless, and she shook the reins and sent them on down the gentle slope towards the house.He gave me the backbone to take the reins and be assertive and a little more aggressive.SunSelect general manager, Carl Ledbetter, takes the reins of the combined unit.Meanwhile, Seb tied the reins of his horse to the back of the cart before sprinting towards the manor house.