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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspurspur1 /spɜː $ spɜːr/ noun [countable]  1 on the spur of the moment2 CAUSEa fact or event that makes you try harder to do somethingspur to It provided the spur to further research. The crowd’s reaction only acted as a spur.3 DSHa sharp pointed object on the heel of a rider’s boot which is used to encourage a horse to go faster4 earn/win your spurs5 SGa piece of high ground which sticks out from the side of a hill or mountain6 TTTTTRa railway track or road that goes away from a main line or road
Examples from the Corpus
spurThe desire to make a profit has always been a spur to expanded trade.A glint of metal behind a spur of rock.a small bone spur in the right shoulderEach type can have as many spurs as there are sockets on the original circuit.The book will help you tell one bird from another and that will be the spur to further enquiry.This list wasn't compiled on the spur of the moment.The spur for development in tests usually came from a pressing practical need.Alejandro and his son all stop horses with five-inch curbs and send them on with spurs about the same length.