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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthoroughbredthor‧ough‧bred /ˈθʌrəbred $ ˈθʌroʊ-, ˈθʌrə-/ noun [countable]  1 DSHa horse that has parents of the same very good breed a thoroughbred stallion2 GOOD AT especially British English someone who seems to do something naturally to a very high standard football thoroughbred Mick Jonesthoroughbred adjective
Examples from the Corpus
thoroughbredIt was a thick-necked, elegant beast, with the strong legs of a thoroughbred.Paul checked his big, black thoroughbred.He was mounted on a chestnut thoroughbred who was already becoming over-excited at the thought of the day ahead.John Henry, a Football Hall of Fame thoroughbredShe tended to jump like a nervous thoroughbred if he touched her arm or kissed her cheek.His mum was right, Janine was like a high-spirited thoroughbred.