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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthree-day eventˌthree-day eˈvent noun [countable]  DSH British English a horse-riding competition that takes place for three days
Examples from the Corpus
three-day eventPrincess Anne herself is a former three-day event world champion and competed at the l976 Montreal Olympics.Equestrian: The endurance phase of the individual three-day event takes over.Equestrian: Kerry Millikin on Out and About is in third place heading into the jumping phase of the individual three-day event.The other disciplines are dressage and the three-day event.They arrested eighty people after a tip-off that the three-day event was to take place.An estate sale will continue throughout the three-day event.The three-day event is for the trade, but the exhibits will be on view to the public beginning March 18.