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trottrot2 noun  1 horse a) [singular]DSHRUN the movement of a horse at trotting speed Our horses slowed to a trot. b) [countable]DSH a ride on a horse at trotting speed2 on the trot3 slow run [singular]RUN a fairly slow way of running in which you take short regular steps She broke into a trot (=started running slowly) and hurried on ahead of us.4 students’ answers [countable] American EnglishTCN a book of notes or answers used by students, especially to cheat in tests syn crib5 the trots
Examples from the Corpus
trotWashington shuffles back to his bucket in almost a trot.Without waiting to find out what it meant, she broke into a trot and hurried on round the next corner.With a click, the horse started into a trot.I start out at a brisk trot.He had arrived from Minneapolis in a linen suit and had a bad case of the trots.They may well crack altogether if Blackburn could win 3 or 4 games on the trot.What about the 10 superb games he had on the trot recently?But Schuey was in top form and the triple world beater always looked odds-on to score his fifth win on the trot.broke into a trotI walked briskly one block over to Cabana, the wide boulevard that parallels the beach, and broke into a trot.He broke into a trot and the three surprised young men did likewise, aware that something must have gone wrong.He broke into a trot as he headed up the path to the staff-cabins.Without waiting to find out what it meant, she broke into a trot and hurried on round the next corner.The town was very quiet and once on land, they broke into a trot.They broke into a trot and found Mary standing in the middle of a thicket.Looking forward to Joyce he too broke into a trot.As soon as we saw the ice-cream truck, we broke into a trot.