Language: Old English
Origin: bathian


1 verb
1 [intransitive and transitive] especially American English to wash yourself or someone else in a bath [= bath British English]
I bathed, washed my hair, and got dressed.
He bathed the children and put them to bed.
! It is more usual to say have a bath British English or take a bath American English.
2 [intransitive]DSS British English old-fashioned to swim in the sea, a river, or a lake:
They bathed in the lake in the moonlight.
! It is more usual to say go for/have a swim.
3 [transitive]MHDCB to wash or cover part of your body with a liquid, especially as a medical treatment:
She brought a bowl of water and began to bathe the injured arm.

be bathed in light/sunshine etc

written an area or building that is bathed in light has light shining onto it in a way that makes it look pleasant or attractive:
The top of Pea Hill was bathed in brilliant sunshine.

be bathed in sweat

written to be covered in sweat:
I was tired and bathed in sweat.

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