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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcasualtycas‧u‧al‧ty /ˈkæʒuəlti/ ●●○ noun (plural casualties)  1 [countable]INJURE someone who is hurt or killed in an accident or war Our aim is to reduce road casualties. civilian casualties (=people who are not soldiers who are injured or killed)cause/inflict casualties The rebels have inflicted heavy casualties.2 SUFFER[singular] someone or something that suffers as a result of a particular event or situationcasualty of The Safer City Project is the latest casualty of financial cutbacks.3 [uncountable] (also Casualty) British EnglishMH the part of a hospital that people are taken to when they are hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill syn Emergency Room American Englishin casualty Jean ended up in casualty last night.
Examples from the Corpus
casualtyIndian troops have suffered more than 1200 casualties.First reports of the air crash tell of more than 50 casualties.The corruption scandal has claimed yet another casualty: the Finance Minister, who was forced to resign last night.The Treasury, where two ministers were election casualties, receives an infusion of new blood.Every day you will have casualties, because they will disturb your work.The company is the latest casualty of the worldwide recession.The bomb caused serious damage to the building, but there were no casualties.Second, unlike other wars, there are no real casualties in this one, but a lot of winners.Expect to take casualties as you advance, especially Goblins.We had about twenty casualties from our own immediate district.road casualtiesWorking groups hope to reduce all road casualties by a third in the region by 2000.Clearly, reducing the number of road casualties is and has been a priority for the Government for some time.I mentioned the primary objective of reducing the number of road casualties.Of course we helped to reduce road casualties by removing toads from the road for marking.It is heartening to know that road casualties present no substantial threat to the toads at this particular lake.