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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvalescencecon‧va‧les‧cence /ˌkɒnvəˈlesəns $ ˌkɑːn-/ noun [singular]  MHRECOVER/GET BETTERthe length of time a person spends getting well after an illness a long and painful convalescence
Examples from the Corpus
convalescenceFood and convalescence were as far as Mitchell needed to think.Yeltsin returned to work at the end of December after five months of preparation for and convalescence from his November surgery.Mrs. Gwynn will continue her convalescence at home.Guy had a theory that the mineral baths might speed up my convalescence.On that day, Mobutu made a triumphal return from four months of convalescence abroad after prostate cancer surgery.He correctly diagnosed a nation in need of convalescence after the turmoils of recent years.He wondered if falling in love with the nurse wasn't a necessary stage of convalescence.They were helping the teenage son get into a community college while they nursed his sister through a long surgical convalescence.It is necessary to prepare tor convalescence before you go into hospital if that is at all possible.