Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: curer, from Latin curare 'to take care of, cure', from cura; CURE1


2 verb
cure2 [transitive]
1MH to make an illness or medical condition go away:
Many types of cancer can now be cured.
an operation that can cure short-sightedness in 15 minutes
2MH to make someone well again after they have been ill [↪ heal]:
She had some acupuncture treatment which seems to have cured her.
cure somebody of something
90% of patients can be cured of the disease.
3 to solve a problem, or improve a bad situation:
Attempts to cure unemployment have so far failed.

cure somebody of something

to make someone stop behaving in a particular way or stop them having a particular feeling or attitude:
Nothing could cure her of her impatience with Anna.
5 to preserve food, tobacco etc by drying it, hanging it in smoke, or covering it with salt:
cured ham

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