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curecure2 ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 MHto make an illness or medical condition go away Many types of cancer can now be cured. an operation that can cure short-sightedness in 15 minutes2 MHto make someone well again after they have been illheal She had some acupuncture treatment which seems to have cured her.cure somebody of something 90% of patients can be cured of the disease.3 SOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEMto solve a problem, or improve a bad situation Attempts to cure unemployment have so far failed.4 cure somebody of something5 to preserve food, tobacco etc by drying it, hanging it in smoke, or covering it with salt cured hamTHESAURUScure to make someone who has an illness completely well again or to stop a disease making someone ill – used especially about drugs or other treatmentsMany cancer victims can be cured if the disease is detected early enough.heal to cure someone – used especially when someone cures people using special religious powers, rather than using medicine. Also used when saying that a cream or treatment makes a wound betterHe claimed that he could heal the sick.This cream is good for healing minor cuts and bruises.make somebody (feel) better to make someone who is ill well again, especially when they have an illness that is not very seriousThe pills did make me feel better.relieve/ease (also alleviate formal) to reduce someone’s pain or unpleasant feelingsAspirin will help to relieve the symptoms. I can give you something to alleviate the pain. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cureThis alternative to the matrixing arrangement is exactly what I used in curing a large, troubled government procurement organization.It is possible that in the near future we will be able to cure AIDS.His patronage came about when people suffering from rabies were cured at his grave.Most economic ills cannot be cured by a simple infusion of cash.Beveridge believed that unemployment could be cured by state intervention.The only thing that can cure grief is time.Eventually we found a doctor who was able to cure her of her depression.Oh, how he would have loved to cure her of her loneliness.Prostate cancer can be cured if it is caught early.Many cancer victims can be cured if the disease is detected early enough.This cured it and I had the carbs tuned to perfection.There is always some magic remedy that will cure it, or some whizz-kid quack with a patent method.Penicillin or other antibiotics will cure most infections.If your computer stops working, re-booting might cure the problem.But it solved the problem of Thérèse's tantrums at night, it cured them in no time.Doctors won't consider her cured until she has been free of cancer for several years.Make a kind of grand tour on my own, take the waters and cure what ails me.cure somebody of somethingThis simple solution cured me of biting my nails.