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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdialysisdi‧al‧y‧sis /daɪˈælɪsɪs/ noun [uncountable]  MHthe process of taking harmful substances out of someone’s blood using a special machine, because their kidneys do not work properly a dialysis machineon dialysis He has been on dialysis for the past three years.
Examples from the Corpus
dialysisUnion Carbide dropped development of a suitcase-size kidney dialysis unit.A transplanted kidney failed her a year later; she has been on dialysis three times a week ever since.July 1993 -- Erma goes on dialysis after her kidneys stop functioning.Stoma care and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are examples of this.The dialysis technique sampled this area.The alternatives are then dialysis with a low-bicarbonate or acetate dialysate, or treatment with hydrochloric acid.Removal of water salts from fine sediments is best achieved using dialysis.She was treated with dialysis and then had a renal transplant, jumping ahead of patients on the waiting list.on dialysisBill will probably have to spend the rest of his life on dialysis.