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dischargedis‧charge2 /ˈdɪstʃɑːdʒ $ -tʃɑːrdʒ/ noun formal  1 [uncountable]MHLEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION when you officially allow someone to leave somewhere, especially the hospital or their job in the army, navy etcdischarge from Nurses visit the mother and baby for two weeks after their discharge from the hospital. dishonourable discharge, honorable discharge2 [countable, uncountable]SEND when gas, liquid, smoke etc is sent out, or the substance that is sent outdischarge of the discharge of toxic waste into the sea3 [countable, uncountable] when a substance slowly comes out of a wound or part of your body, or the substance that comes out4 [countable, uncountable]TEESEND electricity that is sent out by a piece of equipment, a storm etc5 [uncountable]SHOULD/OUGHT TO when someone performs a duty or pays a debtdischarge of the discharge of the college’s legal responsibilities6 [uncountable] when someone shoots a gun
Examples from the Corpus
dischargeRelief often comes with a discharge such as the menses or a nasal discharge etc.Huge gaps were torn in the Confederate line at every discharge.Secondly, patients in hospital may also avoid hasty discharge to residential or care homes if they face means tested charges.Tony wanted to get married as soon as he got his discharge from the army.Pain and a nasal discharge may mean the patient has a sinus infection.But, the discharge having occurred, it takes time for such another potential to accumulate.the discharge of a firearmPatients with generalized epilepsy often show generalized spike and wave discharges.discharge fromAfter his discharge from the army, Jim got married.discharge ofThe discharge of harmful chemicals into drinking water is banned.