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hypodermichypodermic2 adjective  MHused to give an injection beneath the skin a hypodermic needle
Examples from the Corpus
hypodermicSunday is a hypodermic dose to the zeks.A little extra pressure and I would be able to fish it out with the hypodermic needle I had poised ready.She had asked for more antibiotics, some hypodermic needles, and a lot of sterile dressings.Officers found used hypodermic needles in a trailer in the backyard next to an infant car seat.Examinations involving the use of a hypodermic syringe, the administration of a drug or exploratory operations were ruled out.The mouth yawned open.Canines and incisors were long sharp fangs, the canines hollow like hypodermic syringes carved of ivory.They may use hypodermic syringes to inject the drug into their bloodstream.