i‧so‧la‧tion [uncountable]
1 when one group, person, or thing is separate from others:
Because of its geographical isolation, the area developed its own unique culture.
isolation of
the isolation of rural areas
international/diplomatic/political isolation
the country's continuing political isolation
in isolation
The political prisoner had been held in complete isolation.
The mansion sits in splendid isolation on top of the hill (=it is far from everything and looks impressive).
isolation hospital/ward British English
Scarlet fever victims had to go to the isolation hospital.
a patient's isolation period
2 when someone feels alone and unable to meet or speak to other people:
Retirement can often cause feelings of isolation.
elderly people living in social isolation

in isolation (from something)

if something exists or is considered in isolation, it exists or is considered separately from other things that are connected with it:
The future of health care cannot be considered in isolation from economic factors.

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