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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_193_flamplamp /læmp/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 lamp.jpg DHFan object that produces light by using electricity, oil, or gastable/desk/bedside lampoil/electric/fluorescent lamp fog lamp, headlamp, hurricane lamp, safety lamp, standard lamp2 MHa piece of electrical equipment used to provide a special kind of heat, especially as a medical treatmentinfra-red/ultraviolet lamp sunlamp, blowlampCOLLOCATIONSverbsswitch/turn on a lampDorothy switched on the desk lamp.switch/turn off a lampHe switched off the lamp beside the bed.light a lampElizabeth lit the lamps and started rebuilding the fire.a lamp burnsA silver lamp burned on the altar.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + lamp a table/desk/bedside lampHe read by the light of the bedside lamp.an oil/kerosene/paraffin lamp (=lamps that you light with a flame)The large room was lit by a paraffin lamp on a table.a street lampHarry stopped under a street lamp. a hurricane lamp (=a lamp with a strong glass cover, which protects the light from the wind)
Examples from the Corpus
lampShamrock cup and saucer by Beleek Bestlite 31170 solid brass lamp base with dark green enamelled shade.a desk lampSo it seems the future of compact fluorescent lamps is secure.an infrared lampThe stars showed the way, but faintly, like lamps along a road for ghosts.These new lamps last five times longer and need less than 20 percent of the power used by an ordinary light bulb.It glowed with the warm, welcoming light of oil lamps.I said goodbye to her under a street lamp.They're better than lamp posts and that, cos trees grow out of the ground, so they're extra special like.Rachaela put her foot on the red Persian carpet and started up, out of the scarlet ambience of the lamp.oil/electric/fluorescent lampThere was a hot fire in the potbellied stove and an oil lamp burning high on a table in the corner.The front door was open, as we approached, a light came on, probably from an oil lamp.The range used for cooking also provides heat: an oil lamp provides light.So it seems the future of compact fluorescent lamps is secure.Mrs McGill fries bread for breakfast, takes Chas to bed, cooks supper, lights oil lamp and nurses Nana.As the merchants lit oil lamps, their familiar booths turned magical.It glowed with the warm, welcoming light of oil lamps.Several of the traders had lit small oil lamps which they hung in front of their stalls.