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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoperativeop‧e‧ra‧tive1 /ˈɒpərətɪv $ ˈɑːpərə-, ˈɑːpəreɪ-/ adjective  1 WORKING/NOT BROKENworking and able to be used opp inoperative Only one runway is operative. the steps to be taken before the scheme can become operative operational(1)2 the operative word3 MHrelating to a medical operation patients undergoing operative procedures
Examples from the Corpus
operativeOld trading restrictions are no longer operative.The three major operative factors are as follows: 1.Her message was that the data favour operative intervention.On those terms, which in fact became operative, the father agreed to pay £1 a week.I was madly - and that's the operative word - head over heels in lust.Edgy is the operative word here.The operative word is amateur, and I do not mean it pejoratively.The word liberty is the operative word.become operativeThe local authority contend the correct date is when the demand for payment was served or when it became operative.Without the soul in first gear with the Boss, brakes are difficult to apply and take longer to become operative.In fact the powers did not become operative during the lifetime of the commission.To become operative, however, the Accord required ratification by each provincial legislature by June 23,1990.Most basic of all are lexical units which become operative in minimal, or neutral, contexts.These new rules are still evolving and are becoming operative in some parts of the economy more quickly than in others.They became operative on, and the registration process started from that date.On those terms, which in fact became operative, the father agreed to pay £1 a week.operative proceduresFeedback of information has been shown to change operative procedures in some non-randomised studies but not all.Brief details of the operative procedures they undergo are provided.