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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphialphi‧al /ˈfaɪəl/ noun [countable]  vial.jpg MHa small bottle, especially for liquid medicines syn vialphial of a phial of morphine
Examples from the Corpus
phialA pack of 10 phials costs £19.95 and is available by mail order from Foltene, .Many general practitioners will know the unpleasant effect that a broken phial of dextrose has on the inside of a medical bag.I looked at each phial of heart stimulant in turn, the files, the needles in their sterile jar.The drugs, most of which are contained in glass phials, will kill if taken, said police.Then they pulled out tiny glass phials of white crystal.Clutching the phial of thallium in his pocket he got back into the car.The miracle has been performed by the Archbishop of Naples since 1389 when the phial mysteriously first appeared.The door irised open and he reached inside, drawing out the tiny phial before the door closed up again.