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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoulticepoul‧tice /ˈpəʊltɪs $ ˈpoʊl-/ noun [countable]  MHsomething that is put on someone’s skin to make it less swollen or painful, often made of a wet cloth with milk, herbs, or clay on it
Examples from the Corpus
poulticeHe applied cold poultices to the sufferer's forehead, which sent him into a coma.Fear spread cold over her body, like a dead poultice.A disposable nappy is an excellent cover over foot poultices and retains heat.The solid uncooperative bundle was surprisingly heavy; it was like trying to manoeuvre a firm and rather smelly poultice.Kenny the houseboy arrived with the poultice makings, but one look at me convinced him it was useless.He decided on a brutal vinegar poultice.