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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprescriptionpre‧scrip‧tion /prɪˈskrɪpʃən/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 MHMDa piece of paper on which a doctor writes what medicine a sick person should have, so that they can get it from a pharmacistprescribeprescription for a prescription for sleeping pills We are trying to cut the price of prescription drugs. a repeat prescription (=one that you have regularly)fill a prescription American English (=get the drugs a doctor has written that you need) I got the prescription filled on the way home.2 MHMDa particular medicine or treatment ordered by a doctor for a sick person If you’re pregnant, you can get free prescriptions.3 on prescription4 IDEAan idea or suggestion about how you should behave, or how to make a situation, activity etc successfulprescription for The party’s main prescription for educational problems was to give schools more money.COLLOCATIONSverbsgive somebody a prescriptionDr. Kleinert gave me a prescription for some sleeping tablets.write a prescription (also write out a prescription)I'll write you a prescription for some skin cream.make up a prescription (also fill a prescription American English) (=give a patient the drugs that a doctor says they need)You can get the prescription made up at a chemist's.NOUN + prescriptiona doctor's prescriptionMost of these drugs require a doctor's prescription.a repeat prescription (=one that you have regularly)I went to the surgery to pick up a repeat prescription.prescription + NOUNa prescription drug/medicineNot everyone can afford the cost of prescription drugs.
Examples from the Corpus
prescriptionBut a disciplinary hearing of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland was told he sold the product without a prescription.Once caricatured as far-Right-wingers, they were dependable for their unsolicited robust views on hanging, repatriation and grisly prescriptions for homosexuals.With my insurance, prescriptions cost a maximum of $5.According to the researchers, more than 8 million prescriptions were written for nasal steroids in 1993.Then I stopped off to do a bit of shopping, cash in Betty Y's prescription etcetera.Jeffrey was refused help with the prescription for his inhaler because the Department of Health said his income exceeded the required level.This prescription is for a controlled substance.So do Gore's hopes of securing a universal prescription drug benefit for the elderly.fill a prescriptionOne by one, chains operating stores in Maryland told state workers they would have to go elsewhere to fill prescriptions.I don't want to fill a prescription.