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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprimary health careˌprimary ˈhealth care (also primary care) noun [uncountable]  MHthe medical care that someone receives first when they become ill or have an accident
Examples from the Corpus
primary health careGovernments all over the world have advocated primary health care without taking it seriously.Secondly, general practitioners and primary health care teams are the first point of contact for users of the health service.Professional development and postgraduate training in primary health care could be a useful adjunct in improving quality.There may also be inter-professional tensions, as well as intra-professional ones, for example in the case of primary health care teams.My family health services authority is making plans to establish its own primary health care research ethics committee.The front-line members of these teams are local women recruited and trained to provide primary health care to their villages.A member of the primary health care team has now been designated liaison officer and all messages are passed to her.It could lead to the dilution and fragmentation of the strengths and skills of the primary health care team.