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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquarantinequar‧an‧tine1 /ˈkwɒrəntiːn $ ˈkwɔː-/ noun [uncountable]  MHa period of time when a person or animal is kept apart from others in case they are carrying a diseasein quarantine The monkeys were kept in quarantine for 31 days.
Examples from the Corpus
quarantineThere was no quarantine area, so Evelyn simply remained in the female Barracks during the day.The issue was resolved by an act of quarantine.Two weeks later, 44 of the 50 monkeys in one quarantine room were dead.Simpson said a monkey from the other quarantine room also showed signs of the virus, but a second test was negative.With the statewide quarantine, up to 180,000 acres of wheat crop will be affected, Schlittenhart estimated.But I don't know how long the quarantine period is.The quarantine makes it illegal to transport honey bees out of the area.Subjects who normally smoked or drank were allowed to continue doing so throughout their quarantine.in quarantineOne of the crew caught smallpox, and soon they were all in quarantine.Koko the gorilla will be in quarantine until next week.All animals entering the UK used to have to be put in quarantine.